Our Services


Baget Global Services limited provides civil/structural engineering design services, Architectural designs, Site survey/planning, urban development, highway, water/wastewater and general civil works.


We provide state-of-the-art construction services basically involving the supply of quality materials and rendering top-notch skills from the start to finish of construction process of any project. We don’t just build structures but build dreams ranging from private residential homes to religious facilities, schools, roads and oil companies, we handle every project with tenacity and vigour. Our construction management teams are highly motivated and experienced individuals with proven record of providing comprehensive project construction management for every stage of a project, which yields the greatest possible benefit to clients.


We render services that involve planning, co-ordination, execution, controlling and closing of a work plan of any project according to specified requirement set by clients to achieve a success criterion under a specified period of time.


We also specialize in transforming land or dilapidated properties into income producing developments through our expertise, knowledge and highest ethical standards to achieve successful delivery of projects ranging from residential and commercial units. We devise and implement innovative strategies in the real estate development, construction and management.